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The Revolution In Axe Throwing Targets


The Safest Lanes

The main reason for having end grain targets is an easy one.


It’s Because Customers Love them!

And end grain is also great for tactical tomahawks, throwing knives and ninja stars.


Everything sticks better in end grain targets!



That makes them safer, for all players!


Axe bounce back is a possibility, and someone could get hit. But it does not have to be that way.

Axe bounce back is due to inferior target and lane design.

If you look at the board below any target, you will see that get hit a lot. They are always chopped up. And an axe thrown that over rotates, but hits a bit low can cause axe bounce back by hitting the floor, then the footer below the target, then come back toward the thrower.

There is an easy way to solve this axe bounce back problem that is so unique

We have Partnered with Axcitement. A Leader in Axe Throwing Technology.

By building an anti bounce surround to the target, the energy from an poorly thrown axe is absorbed and they fall harmlessly to the ground a few feet from the target.


Why doesn’t everyone adopt this easy method? Perhaps they would prefer to require logos painted on the boards than protect the customers from harm?

Why Throw with US?

Because we have invested in your safety!

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